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Omega Enclave Faisalabad – Payment Plan – Location – Fda Approved

In search of your dream house? Here you are welcome in Omega Enclave Faisalabad which is established to turn your dreams into reality. With world-class amenities and exclusive planning, this project is one of the most top class and vast residential projects of this city. You would find everything at this place which is essential to lead a life of significance and comforts. Upscale luxuries are at the core of this venture which is located on a central location of Faisalabad.

Different Marla residential plots are part of this huge project which is ready to provide the best residential experience to people. 3 , 5 10 Marla, and 20 Marla residential plots are available where people can build properties according to their settled vision in a safe and deluxe environment.

Discover your new and tremendous existence at this land of dreams where memorable stays happen. You would get more than enough facilities while living here though in a very lenient payment plan. The ideal and quality lifestyle is no more just a desire after the development of Omega Enclave Faisalabad. It is obtainable now, you just need to visit this place. After visiting and going through all what it has to offer you can’t avoid the need and desire to live here.

Omega Enclave Faisalabad Payment Plan

You would be forced to consider this place after knowing how easy and attractive the payment plan this project has. Buy a land of your dreams without going out of your budget. The first priority of Omega Enclave Faisalabad to provide comfort, convenience, safety and luxury to clients with ease. A payment plan is arranged for our clients to purchase their dream house with more flexibility and affordability.

Instalment policies are also available which add much to the convenience of people. Plots can be booked on cash as well as instalments. The following payment plan will be available for any potential customers who want to buy a property at this land.

Omega Enclave Faisalabad Location Map

After deciding to buy a house, the very first step to consider is where to buy it. A prime and easy to access location is crucial to living conveniently. This place recognized these factors and provide a best and prime location as this project is situated on Milat Road Near Citi Housing Phase 2 Faisalabad. It is connected to many important and main roads including Sargodha Road Faisalabad.

A very close proximity to high-level schools, hospitals, commercial centers and transportation spots makes the location highly appealing to clients. You do not want to miss a chance to live at such esteemed and vital location where everything would be at your door-step.


This project is developed by Omega Developers whose strategy has always included maintaining extremely high standards, reliability and professionalism. This group aims to develop unique and appealing residential projects that go beyond an imagination. With the qualified and experienced engineers, qualified planners and exclusive planning and striking features the place appeals to a large number of people. The developers can perfectly predict the expectations of a client, including living conditions, affordable costs, wide access pathways and roads, and developed this project on all these things.

Features and Facilities

Come and enjoy top-notch amenities and striking features at this land of diversity and luxuries. This project aims to deliver a wide range and variety of such facilities which caters to people to a great extent.  is to develop a wide range of sustainable residential properties throughout the country that cater to all walks of people. Omega Enclave Faisalabad is featured with outclass accommodations in order to uplift their quality of life and contribute to developing the living standards.

Modern Infrastructure

Walk and drive with ease and delight at the wide and beautiful roads of this venture. A best and international level infrastructure is developed within the society. The road network is designed and established in such a way where traffic mess or problems would not be faced by people. Every plot is connected to extensive roads while the main entrance road is extra beautiful and wide. The green belts around the roads enhance the pleasing sight of the society.

Safety and Security

The safety of people cannot be compromised at any cost in today’s world. That is why this venture has organized a reliable and high alert security system which works according to the modern techniques. All the circumstances are checked carefully through CCTV and other smart cameras where people can live in a safe and protected sort of environment. The checking at the entrance is very strict where irrelevant persons are not allowed to enter.

Lush Green Parks

With the luxurious lifestyle, you would interact with the serene environment at this place. Lush green parks and beautiful landscapes are made part of this project which are a source of much delight and relaxation for people. Many parks are established within the society while more parks are under construction. The green and beautiful parks attract people to live in a healthy and serene atmosphere.

Central Mosque

At the centre of the society, there is a central Mosque. This Mosque is developed specially for facilitating Muslim Community and for showing unity in every sect of Islam. The interior and exterior design of the mosque is extremely beautiful while it is equipped with all the basic facilities.

Electricity. Water and Gas Supply

The place assures the continuous supply of these basic necessities in the best possible manner. The electrification system is undergrounded through which major breakdowns could be avoided. There is society’s own filtration plant which assures the clean and pure water supply. Gas supply also remains constant even in the winter season.


Be a part of this incredible place called Omega Enclave Faisalabad which is a remarkable addition in the real estate of this city. A promising luxurious lifestyle is available for the clients by exceeding their expectations and winning their trust and confidence through unparalleled features and amenities. Pick up now the best and exclusive residency as soon as possible!

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