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Malir Town Residency karachi Malir Town Residency (Phase 1 to 8) Karachi – Details

Malir Town Residency is a housing project located in Karachi, Pakistan that consists of eight phases offering a range of housing units to cater to different lifestyles and needs. This residency is developed by one of the leading real estate developers in Pakistan, Malir Town Builders and Developers, and has become a popular investment destination due to its prime location, state-of-the-art facilities, and affordable pricing. In this article, we will take a closer look at Malir Town Residency and its various phases, amenities, location, and investment potential, to provide readers with a comprehensive overview of this stunning housing project.

Overview of Malir Town Residency

Background and History

Malir Town Residency is a residential project located in the Malir Town area of Karachi, Pakistan. The project was launched in 2012, with the aim of providing affordable housing to the residents of Karachi.

Developers and Partners

The project is being developed by Malir Town Residency (Pvt) Ltd, a subsidiary of the renowned real estate developer Taiser Town (Pvt) Ltd. The project has been designed by a team of experienced architects and engineers, who have worked on several other successful projects in Karachi.

Location and Accessibility

Geographical Location

Malir Town Residency is located in the Malir Town area of Karachi, which is situated in the eastern part of the city. The project is conveniently located near several major roads and highways, including the Jinnah Avenue and the Karachi-Hyderabad Motorway.

Transportation and Commute

The project is easily accessible by public transportation, with several bus and taxi stops located nearby. The Karachi International Airport is also located just a short drive away from the project.

Amenities and Facilities

Common Facilities and Services

The project offers a wide range of common facilities and services, including 24/7 security, a mosque, a community center, and a playground for children. The project also features a dedicated parking area for residents.

Recreational Amenities

In addition to the common facilities, the project offers a range of recreational amenities, including a swimming pool, a gymnasium, and a sports complex.

Residency Phases and Construction Progress

Overview of Each Phase

The Malir Town Residency project encompasses eight different phases, each of which offers a range of different housing options for residents. Each phase has been designed to cater to the specific needs and preferences of different types of residents.

Current Status of Construction

As of 2021, construction of the project’s first phase has been completed, while work is currently underway on the remaining phases. The developers are committed to completing the project on schedule, and ensuring that all residents can move into their new homes as per the promised timeline.

Housing Units and Prices

Types of Housing Units Available

Malir Town Residency offers a variety of housing options to cater to the diverse needs of potential residents. The project consists of 8 different phases, each offering a range of housing units such as apartments, bungalows, and villas. The apartments are available in different sizes and layouts, ranging from one to four bedrooms, while the bungalows and villas come in 120 to 500 square yards sizes.

Pricing and Payment Options

The prices of housing units in Malir Town Residency vary based on the size, type, and location of the unit. The prices are competitive and affordable in comparison to other housing projects in the area. Multiple payment options are available, including full cash payment, easy installment plans, and mortgage options.

Investment Potential and Future Outlook

Analysis of Current Market Trends

Malir Town Residency is a promising investment opportunity due to its prime location and excellent infrastructure. It is situated in the heart of Malir Town, one of the most rapidly developing areas of Karachi. The real estate market in this area is growing at a steady pace, and the demand for housing units is increasing rapidly.

Potential for Return on Investment

Investing in Malir Town Residency has the potential for high returns on investment. The area is in high demand due to its prime location and excellent facilities, which make it attractive for both residents and investors. With the continuous development of amenities and infrastructure in the area, the value of the housing units is expected to increase significantly in the coming years.

7. Community and Surrounding Environment

Local Demographics and Culture

Malir Town has a diverse demographic, comprising different ethnic and linguistic groups. The community is known for its warm and hospitable nature, making it an ideal place for families. The surrounding areas are also home to significant cultural landmarks, such as the Jinnah International Airport, Malir Cantt, and Karachi University.

Nearby Attractions and Landmarks

Malir Town Residency is conveniently located near several attractions and landmarks. Residents can enjoy the nearby shopping centers, parks, hospitals, and schools within a few minutes’ drive. The nearby beaches, such as Hawks Bay and Sandspit, offer endless entertainment opportunities for families.

8. Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Summary of Key Points

Malir Town Residency is a promising housing project that offers affordable housing units with excellent amenities and facilities. The project consists of different housing types, including apartments, bungalows, and villas, catering to diverse needs. Investing in this project has the potential for high returns on investment due to the steady growth of the real estate market in the area.

Recommendations and Future Prospects

Overall, Malir Town Residency offers an excellent opportunity for residents and investors alike. The project’s strategic location, affordable prices, and modern facilities make it an ideal place to call home. As the real estate market in the area continues to grow, the investment potential for the project is expected to increase in the coming years. We highly recommend considering Malir Town Residency for anyone looking for a comfortable and affordable living experience in Karachi.In conclusion, Malir Town Residency is a top-tier housing project that offers a combination of convenience, affordability, and modern living to its residents. With its impressive facilities, strategic location, and affordable pricing, this residency has become a popular choice among property buyers in Karachi. Whether you are looking for a permanent residence or an investment opportunity, Malir Town Residency is definitely worth considering.


1. Who is the developer of Malir Town Residency?

Malir Town Residency is developed by Malir Town Builders and Developers, one of the top real estate developers in Pakistan.

2. What types of housing units are available in Malir Town Residency?

Malir Town Residency offers a range of housing units including apartments, villas, and plots.

3. What are some of the facilities available in Malir Town Residency?

The residency offers a range of facilities including a community center, parks, sports grounds, mosques, schools, hospitals, and more.

4. Is Malir Town Residency a good investment opportunity?

Yes, Malir Town Residency has become a popular investment destination due to its prime location and affordable pricing, making it a potentially lucrative investment for property buyers. However, as with any investment, it is important to conduct thorough research and due diligence before making a decision.

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